Ralph Wien Memorial Airport Arrivals

Security procedures

Ralph Wien Memorial Airport has almost the same security procedures for OTZ airport arrivals as for the departures. Visitors at OTZ airport are subject to TSA security, and they have unique systems to make your transportation secure.

Security wait times at Ralph Wien Memorial Airport are not defined and sometimes may take a long time.

Arrivals at OTZ airport are required to go through the security screening, and they are asked to remove shoes, belts, jackets, laptops placed into the bin for the X-ray screening procedure.

TSA officers are required to check the traveler's baggage and scan unpacked items separately.

If you are a TSA pre-check applicant and a trusted traveler, you don't need to remove personal items.

TSA helpline at OTZ airport provides additional assistance for passengers with disabilities and special needs during the screening procedures. For extra information about the TSA helpline, please call at (855) 787-2227.

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