Shreveport Regional Airport Parking

At Shreveport Regional Airport, Standard Parking is in charge of all parking lots. There are three different parking options at the airport. The payment is made by cash, but most of the time, by credit cards.

Veterans Parking

Any visitor, who provides a proper identification form, such as a veteran ID, veteran license plate, paperwork that shows 50 percent disability, and a veteran ID, will be allowed free parking in the short-term and long-term parking lots.

Parking fees

In the short term and long term parking lots, every 20 minutes costs 1 dollar plus tax. In the short term parking lot, the maximum daily charge is 10 dollars, and in the long term parking lot daily fee is 9 dollars. Parking at the quick parking lot costs a dollar for every 15 minutes. The maximum daily charge is 12 dollars. Credit cards only make the payment possible at the airport's quick parking lot.