Waterloo Airport Departures

CATSA security

Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) is a Canadian corporation, which is responsible for the passenger's safety, and screening of people and baggage at the YKF airport.

COSTA's goal is to provide practical, professional, and consistent levels of security service across the country.

Security wait times at YKF airport are approximate and can be dependent on whether or flight delays. Security procedures at Waterloo Airport may take a long time. Airlines recommended travelers to arrive at the airport at least 90 minutes earlier before their scheduled departure flight. Passengers are required to provide valid identification at the YKF airport checkpoints located inside the terminal building.

Legal identification

All passengers, traveling domestic or international flights at Waterloo Airport, are required to provide valid identification at the YKF airport checkpoint. For domestic flight passengers, maybe a state-issued ID or driver's license would be enough. But international flight passengers are required to provide a passport at YKF airport security checkpoints or ticket counters.

Security screening

Passengers at Waterloo Airport are required to present boarding pass or e-ticket to the screening officer pre-board. Remember that large electronics such as laptops, game consoles, have out of their cases and are ready for CATSA security inspection. Place those items in the plastic bin separately. Other objects, such as tablets or cell phones or small electronics, do not need to be placed independently. During the screening procedure, passengers are asked to remove their shoes, especially if they have metal details. Remove jackets, belts and put them in the bin. Also, metal objects, including keys and coins, must be placed in the container too.

All liquids aerosols gels must be placed in the plastic bags and placed in the bin for the X-ray screening. There are exceptions for medication and baby drinks/foods. You may request a private search area if you are selected for a new physical search. Don't' forget to take all your belongings before leaving the security screening area.

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